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Patient Resources

Patient Portal at Wooster Eye Center

Have a question about your last exam? Need a prescription refill? Then secure messaging is for you. Wooster Eye Center has been using one of the most sophisticated electronic medical record systems in ophthalmology for the years. Through the patient portal, you can now send a secure message to your doctor’s medical staff. You can ask non-urgent medical questions, update your doctor about your eye condition, make medication refill requests, and ask for a copy of your glass’s prescription. It is as easy as sending an email! Just click Secure Messaging Directions and follow the instructions to get started. We’re waiting to hear from you!

Here’s what patients can do through the Patient Portal:

  • Access registration materials
  • Request refills on medications and contact lenses
  • View a Clinical Summary of the last exam
  • See a Patient Health Information summary of all eye exams
  • Ask our doctors a non-urgent medical question
  • Pay bills via credit card
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